Prof. Andreas Schieber and Prof. Marvin Edeas commented the 13th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications: Malta Polyphenols 2019


The 13th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications took place in Malta from September 30 to October 1, 2019. After 2006, 2007, and 2015, Malta hosted the conference for the fourth time and welcomed 170 attendants from all continents, representing both the academia and the industry. In continuation of previous editions, fundamental research and applied studies were covered during approximately 20 extended presentations, 40 short oral presentations, and 70 poster contributions given by both established scientists and young researchers. Hot topics included, among others, polyphenol-microbiome interactions, mitochondria, metabolism and health effects, role of polyphenols in cognitive diseases and obesity, and technological, biotechnological and analytical aspects in polyphenol research.

A special session initiated and chaired by Prof. Dr. Alessandra Napolitano, University of Naples Federico, Italy, was dedicated to the role of polyphenols in skin health. For the first time in this series of conferences, the role of volatile phenolics in foods was addressed. Thus, the 2019 edition witnessed a similarly broad program as the preceding Bonn conference last year. Prof. Dr. Yves Desjardins from Laval University, Canada, and Prof. Dr. Fred Stevens, Oregon State University, USA, received the 2019 Polyphenols Award for their excellent presentations “Role of polyphenols in cognitive diseases” and “Computation-assisted annotation of biological activity to polyphenols in botanical supplements and herbal medicines”, respectively. Dr. Remulo Carvalho, Empair, Brazil, was honored for his short oral presentation “Control of pineapple fusariosis with polyphenols”, and the poster award went to Dr. Benjamin Dilberger, University of Gießen, Germany, for his poster contribution entitled “Polyphenols and metabolites enhance survival in rodents and nematodes-impact of Mitochondria”.

In their concluding remarks, Prof. Dr. Marvin Edeas, University Paris Descartes, France, and Prof. Dr. Andreas Schieber, University of Bonn, Germany, emphasized the importance of further studies on the effects of polyphenols and their metabolites on gut microbiota and receptors and the necessity to continue research on reactions of polyphenols during food processing.

Prof Andreas Schieber,
President of Malta Polyphenols 2019

Prof Marvin Edeas,
Scientific Steering Board of Malta Polyphenols 2019