The Short Oral Contribution Award was delivered to Dr. Rêmulo Carvalho

Malta Polyphenols 2019-Dr.-Remulo-CarvalhoDuring Malta Polyphenols Congress 2019, which was held in Malta last October, the Scientific Committee awarded Dr. Rêmulo Carvalho, from EMPAER, Brazil, for his excellent oral presentation entitled "Control of pineapple fusariosis with polyphenols". 

During his presentation, Dr. Carvalho showed that tannins (polyphenols) significantly reduced the incidence of pineapple fusariosis, with  best results achieved with Chestnut N2, which were very similar to those of the fungicide treatment. 


Testimonial by Dr. Carvalho
"Having the opportunity to present my research results at Malta Polyphenols Congress 2019 was a privilege and really an enlightening scientific experience.

I am very thankful to the organizers and to the scientific committee for having given me the Short Oral Presentation Award which was an honor beyond my expectations.

The data I have presented was just a small contribution so that all the greatest scientists who attended this meeting could also realize the possibilities of using polyphenols in plant protection as an effective substitute for dangerous chemical fungicides.

Most of all, I am very thankful to all the speakers for their spectacular hard work and scientific contributions that make us rethink our research towards a healthier living.

I went to Malta Polyphenols 2019 as just an ordinary agricultural researcher. I left it changed into a Polyphenol scientist.

I can't thank you enough"



For media information:
International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH)

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