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Melting Away Limits: Investigating A No-Melt Ice Cream 08 July 2024
Therapeutic Potential of Plant-Derived Extracellular Vesicles as Nanocarriers for Exogenous miRNAs 03 July 2024
Red Raspberry Extract Shows Promise in Preserving Intestinal Health Against Inflammation 19 June 2024
Daily Wild Blueberry Intake Boosts Vascular and Cognitive Health in Older Adults 21 May 2024
Xanthohumol Extract: Promising Anti-Inflammatory Treatment for Critically Ill Patients 16 May 2024
Flavonoids: Promising Potential in Skin Wound Healing 15 April 2024
Senolytic Drug and Polyphenol Combinations for Lung Disease 18 March 2024
Power of Polyphenols: New Hope for Urolithiasis Treatment and Prevention 07 March 2024
Microbiome-Polyphenol Connection: A Novel Approach to Multiple Sclerosis Treatment 04 March 2024
Flavonoids Revealed as Key Defenders Against Myocardial Ischemia 26 February 2024
Polyphenols, Satiety, and Gut Health: Bridging the Gut-Brain Connection 19 February 2024
Dual Role of Polyphenols in Senescence and Cancer: Implications for Anti-Aging and Anticancer Therapies 09 February 2024
Optical Innovation: University of Tsukuba's Nondestructive Method Enhances Spice Extract Analysis 12 January 2024
Effect of Cocoa Extract Supplementation on Cognitive Function 19 December 2023
Health vs. Headache: The Intriguing Link Between Red Wine and Polyphenols 29 November 2023
The Potential Benefits of Polyphenols for Corneal Diseases 28 November 2023
Modified Phenolic Profiles and Enhanced Antioxidant Activity in Germinated Proso Millets 18 August 2023
Role of Polyphenol-Derived Phenolic Acid in Mitigation of Inflammasome-Mediated Anxiety and Depression 02 August 2023
Research Shows Common Antioxidant Can Be More Beneficial Through Glycosylation 19 June 2023
Combination of different probiotics and berry-derived (poly)phenols can modulate immune response in dendritic cells 16 June 2023
High value products in the side-stream of Laminaria hyperborea alginate production: Targeting the phenolic content 07 June 2023
Prodrug Curcumin Shows Clinical Potential in Mice 12 May 2023
The Effect of a Natural Polyphenol Supplement on Iron Absorption in Adults With Hereditary Hemochromatosis 09 May 2023
Polyphenols may be missing component in regulating inflammatory immune responses 02 May 2023
A handful of blueberries a day could help improve brain function, lower blood pressure 18 April 2023
Rutin alleviates colon lesions and regulates gut microbiota in diabetic mice 28 March 2023
Fruits and Veggies Protect Against Prostate Cancer 20 March 2023
Natural Polyphenols-Platinum Nanocomplexes for Combination Cancer Therapy 09 March 2023
Not All Micronutrients are Created Equal: Some Supplements Benefit Cardiovascular Health 03 March 2023
Multiple health benefits of b-type procyanidin-rich foods like chocolate and apples consumed in right amounts 30 January 2023
Research further proves the positive impact of polyphenols on cardiovascular health 30 January 2023
Tea Leaf-Derived Exosome-Like Nanotherapeutics Against Breast Tumor 06 January 2023
Sweet Potato Leaf Polyphenols and Caffeic Acid Protect BALB/C Nude Mice Against UV-Induced Skin-Damage 06 December 2022
Combination of Natural Polyphenols, NAD+ Precursor and a TLR2/6 Ligand Lipopeptide Protects Mice Against Lethal γ Radiation 29 November 2022
The Underlying Molecular Mechanism of Resveratrol in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 15 November 2022
Effects of Cocoa Extract and a Multivitamin on Cognitive Function 15 September 2022
Tannins in Food Insights into the Molecular Perception of Astringency and Bitter Taste 05 September 2022
Milk-Derived Exosomes: Nanocarriers that Enhance Curcumin & Resveratrol Anticancer Activity 29 June 2022
Small Extracellular Vesicles Enhance Delphinidin Anti-Angiogenic Effects 29 June 2022
Daily Cranberry Consumption Improves Endothelial Function 14 April 2022
Piceatannol in Senotherapeutics 30 March 2022
Pharmacological Therapy & Pomegranate Extract in Metabolic Syndrome: Impact on the Gut Microbiota 29 March 2022
Associations Between Gut Microbiome & Legume Consumption 25 March 2022
Identification of Fruits, Their Ripeness, Quality Through E-Noses 23 March 2022
Protective Effect of Pomegranate from UVB-induced Erythema with Incduced Changes of Skin Microbiome 21 March 2022
Polyphenolic Extract Activated Keratin Starch Coating: Fabrication, Characterization & Antifungal Evaluation 17 March 2022
Cannabis & Brain: Where are we Today? 17 March 2022
Phenolic Acids and Quercetin-3-O-rutinoside: Key Contributors in Green Tea Bitterness and Astringency 16 March 2022
Senolytic Combination of Dasatinib and Quercetin: Effects on Intestinal Senesces and Gut Microbiota 15 March 2022
Distinct Fermented Wine Grape Microbiota of Cyprus Regional Terroirs 14 March 2022

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