Innovative Technologies for the Extraction of Antioxidant Bioactive Compounds from Mushrooms

Polyphenols Applications 2022 Mara CallejaMs. Mara Calleja, from the University of Valencia, Spain, will join us this year to present a talk entitled “Innovative Technologies for the Extraction of Antioxidant Bioactive Compounds from Mushrooms”.

In recent years, the growing production and consumption of mushrooms has led to an increase in research on this food group, both as a source of bioactive components and as additives for the formulation of supplements and nutraceuticals. Bioactive compounds such as polyphenols present in mushrooms show antioxidant properties and the ability to interact with components of the organism being useful for the design of new therapeutic agents.

For this reason, new sustainable extraction methods are being sought, such as Pulsed Electric Field-Assisted Extraction, which increases the quality of the extract and saves energy. This method is applied in the extraction of antioxidant compounds in samples of A. bisporus, L. edodes, A. brunnescens and P. ostreatus, also affecting the microstructure, which is evaluated by scanning electron microscopy.

Join us in Polyphenols Applications 2022 to know more about this topic.

Polyphenols Applications 2022 Congress
September 28-30, 2022 - Valencia, Spain

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