Impact of Berries, Cherries and Quinoa Polyphenols on Gut Microbiota & Health

Dr. Franck Carbonero-v1Dr. Franck Carbonero, from the Washington State University-Spokane, USA, will join us this year to present a talk entitled “Impact of Berry and Quinoa Polyphenols on Gut Microbiota & Health”.

It is now well established that bioavailability and bioactivity of a significant fraction of dietary polyphenols are directly modulated by the gut microbiota.

A better understanding of both the impact of polyphenol on gut microbiota profiles and the fate of microbial phenolic metabolites is primordial to optimize nutritional strategies relying on polyphenols expected antioxidant properties. Furthermore, considering the whole polyphenol-rich foods should become the gold standard, as the complete physiochemical properties of the food matrix also influences the polyphenol/microbiome/host interactions.

Dr. Carbonero will present his most recent findings on the impacts of polyphenols from berries, cherries and quinoa on the gut microbiota as informed by in vitro, animal and human studies.

You can find more information on Dr. Carbonero's research and publications on his website:

Polyphenols Applications 2022 Congress
September 28-30, 2022 - Valencia, Spain

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