Influence of coffee consumption on DNA integrity in humans

Elke RichlingPr. Elke Richling from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, will speak about the Influence of coffee consumption on DNA integrity in humans at Porto Polyphenols Congress 2016.

Pr. Richling concludes the following about her topic: Epidemiologic evidence suggests coffee consumption to be associated with reduced risk due to certain diseases, including diabetes type 2, Parkinson, and cardiovascular disease or various types of cancer. In human interventions studies we investigated effects of regular coffee consumption on DNA integrity in peripheral white blood cells (WBC) by the comet assay. During four weeks, volunteers daily ingested three large cups (250 ml) of a specific coffee blend, rich in both, green bean constituents and roast products. Controls received the same volume of water. The results allow the conclusion that regular coffee consumption is associated with markedly reduced DNA strand breaks, reflecting total as well as background DNA damage. In a recently performed short term study, when volunteers consumed four cups of coffee (200 ml) every two hours the results showed a significant reduction of background DNA strand breaks in comparison to baseline. Interestingly, this DNA protective effect was detected already two hours after the first coffee consumption.Taken together, our studies clearly showed that consumption of coffee reduces DNA damage in white blood cells of humans.

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