Extracting polyphenols: trying to get the best

PValentao 3Professor Patrícia Valentão from Universidade do Porto, Portugal will present Extracting polyphenols: trying to get the best.

According to Pr. Valentão, nature has been a prolific source of interesting compounds for many years. Polyphenols are secondary metabolites found in both terrestrial and marine organisms. They are grouped in several classes resulting from acetate and/or shikimate pathways, being recognized for having a wide array of biological properties. Nevertheless, the exploitation of many plant materials and marine organisms as sources of these compounds is still reduced, due to the lack of popularity or commercial interest. The suitable extraction procedure depends on the class of compounds and on the matrix in which they are contained. Case studies, involving different procedures to obtain bioactive natural extracts enriched in phenolic compounds from distinct classes, will be focused. Terrestrial and marine-derived extracts, containing phlorotannins, flavonoids and cinnamoyl derivatives, and their interference in SNC and gastrointestinal disorders, skin aging and fungal infections will be presented.

For more information about the congress please visit: www.polyphenols-site.com.

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