Industrial dosage forms to improve the oral bioavailability of resveratrol

Teofilo VasconcelosWe are pleased to welcome Professor Teófilo Vasconcelos from INEB-I3S of University of Porto in Portugal at the 10th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications: Porto Polyphenols 2016.
During this congress, Pr. Vasconcelos will talk about the industrial dosage forms to improve the oral bioavailability of resveratrol.

According to Pr. Vasconcelos, polyphenols are interesting compounds that present several difficulties in oral administration. The proposed presentation intends to highlight the challenges of developing pharmaceutical products containing Polyphenols. In particular, drug delivery approaches that can be used to overcome and/or potentiate the Polyphenols drug properties will be presented.

For more information about the congress please visit:

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