Pr Erdogan Orhan from the Gazi University will present Polyphenol Derivatives as Potent Tyrosinase Inhibitors during Malta Polyphenols World Congress 2015

PrOrhanDuring the Malta Polyphenols World Congress 2015, held between June 3-5, Pr. Erdogan Orhan from the Gazi University will present the potent action of Polyphenol Derivatives as Tyrosinase Inhibitors.

"Polyphenols are an abundant chemical class of secondary metabolites in the plant kingdom with desired pharmacological activities for human health. The main function of tyrosinase (TYR, EC, a member of polyphenol oxidases (PPOs) having dinuclear copper centers, is known to catalyze browning reactions in vegetables and fruits due to the oxidation and dehydrogenation reactions of polyphenols and, therefore, inhibition of TYR is critical in food industry. Besides, inhibitors of TYR are widely employed in skin-whitening (bleaching) products in cosmetics industry and for the treatment of melanoma. More recently, TYR inhibitors have been searched for the possible treatment of Parkinson’s disease. In this talk, polyphenol type of TYR inhibitors will be discussed."

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