Pr Dimitrov will give a talk about Polyphenols from Berry By-Products during the workshop of Malta Polyphenols Congress 2015

dr Krasimir DimitrosDuring the Workshop Utilization of by-Products of Food Processing, Pr. Dimitrov will give a talk about Polyphenols from Berry By-Products, On June 3.

"Among all common fruits and vegetables, berries, especially those with dark blue or red colors, have the highest antioxidants capacities.

After Juice extraction, many phenolic compounds and especially antocyanins, are still present in the solid wastes abd could be valorized by suitable extraction process. In this talk a review of berries wastes and antioxidant phenolics in such by-products, classical and alternative extraction techniques for their recovery and techniques for the enrichement of the obtained extracts, their drying and encapsulation, as well as some potential uses of these extracts as natural ingredients (antioxidants, colorants, etc.) in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries will be presented".


To know more about Malta Polyphenols World Congress 2015, please click here.

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