Pr Vanden Berghe will give a talk on the role of dietary lifestyle choices in the healthy aging mechanisms during Malta Polyphenols World Congress 2015

Pr Vanden Berghe Wim2Pr Vanden Berghe will give a talk during the Malta Polyphenols World Congress 2015 held between June 3-5.

"Nowadays, epigenetic mechanisms involving DNA methylation, histone modification and microRNA regulation may provide an explanation for the strong interindividual variation in disease risk factors underlying CVD. Dietary lifestyle may strongly affect CVD risk by metabolic (re)programming of our epigenome in utero, after birth or during life. In contrast to genetic mutations, the plasticity of CVD related epigenetic changes makes them attractive candidates for nutritional prevention. The involvement of epigenetic alterations in atherosclerosis will be discussed in relation to the epigenetic impact of a cocoa flavanol diet intervention in the context of personalized nutrition and cardioprotection."

The presentation of Pr Vanden Berghe will discuss the if epigenetics is the key to a personalized nutrition and how to transform inflammaging to healthy aging by dietary lifestyle.


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