Dr Vassallo will present a talk on the use of polyphenolic compounds as novel protective agents in neurodegenerative diseases, during the Malta Polyphenols World Congress 2015

Dr VassalloDuring Malta Polypenols World Congress 2015, happening between June 3-5 at St Julian's, Dr. Vassallo will give a talk on the use of polyphenolic compounds as a novel strategy for protecting neuronal cells from lipid membrane damage.

"Neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, are defined by the aberrant misfolding of amyloidogenic proteins (e.g. amyloid-beta, alpha-synuclein, tau) into higher-order toxic aggregates that accumulate in the brain. These toxic aggregates have an intrinsic ability to interact with, and
destabilise, biological membranes leading to neuronal cell death."

Dr Vassallo will discuss the use of plant-derived polyphonic compounds aimed specifically at inhibiting amyloid-membrane interactions and preservating the membrane barrier, thus providong a novel therapeutic strategy for preventing or treating suc disorders. 

To know more about the Malta Polyphenols World Congress 2015 that will be held on June 3-5 in Malta and the preliminary agenda, please visit www.polyphenols-site.com.


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