Pr. Chrubasik-Hausmann will present Clinical Importance of Polyphenol Analyses in Functional Food during Malta Polyphenols World Congress 2015


According Pr. Sigrun Chrubasik-Hausmann "A recent Cochrane review concluded that cranberry preparations are ineffective in preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs). A closer look to the data revealed that the cranberry anti-adhesive effect was related to the daily consumption of PAC-type A. Products from Vaccinium vitis-idea with > 14 mg PAC type A in the daily dosage are useful to prevent UTI. None of the CE-labelled cranberry products contained enough of this co-active principle. Systematic reviews showed that (i) only pomegranate preparations offering at least 400 mg punicalagin and ellagic acid per day have a chance to improve prostate cancer variables and (ii) that chokeberry or elderberry products with a daily anthocyanin intake of 120 mg may improve metabolic diseases (hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, stress) whereas excessive anthocyanin doses of 3-4 g per week may even be useful to treat viral infections."


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