The Gut Microbiota as a Referee of Polyphenol Effects: Metabotypes and Precision Health

Juan Carlos EspínIt is a great pleasure to welcome Prof. Juan Carlos Espín, Spanish National Research Council, Spain, to Polyphenols Applications 2024 this September in Milan.

Presentation Topic: The Gut Microbiota as a Referee of Polyphenol Effects: Metabotypes and Precision Health. 

Presentation Summary

Individuals can be grouped into different metabotypes (metabolic types) based on their gut microbiota's ability to metabolize certain polyphenols, resulting in unique metabolites with varying molecular structures and biological activities. Thus, the effects of certain polyphenols will greatly depend on each individual's gut microbiota. By understanding the microbial ecologies responsible for these metabolic pathways, "precision-health" strategies could be developed to standardize the effects of polyphenols.

About Juan Carlos Espín

Juan Carlos Espín is is a full Research Professor at CEBAS-CSIC (Murcia, Spain). For the past 24 years, his main lines of research have focused on: i) the metabolism and biodistribution of polyphenols in humans, identifying the final responsible actors for biological effects; ii) the use of exosomes to deliver and enhance the biological activity of polyphenols and derived metabolites in systemic tissues; and iii) understanding why some polyphenols do not exert the same effect in all individuals. His research suggests that specific gut microbial ecologies play crucial roles in mediating the observed effects within the context of "precision health".

Juan Carlos has been a "highly-cited" researcher consecutively from 2018 to the present (only 0.1% of researchers worldwide are "highly-cited"). As of March 2024 (according to Scopus), he has an H-index of 85, with 230 JCR publications totaling approximately 23,000 citations, and has led the second highest-earning patent in the history of the CSIC.

Polyphenols Applications 2024 Congress
September 19-20, 2024 - Milan
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