Biological Activities of Phenol-Amino Acid Adducts: Towards enhancing Food Quality

Marianne Nissen LundDr. Marianne Nissen Lund from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark will join the Polyphenols Applications 2023 congress and give a major presentation entitled "Biological Activities of Phenol-Amino Acid Adducts: Towards Enhancing Food Quality".

When polyphenols are oxidized to quinones they react with proteins in foods, with cysteine residues on proteins being kinetically preferred targets. Caffeic acid-cysteine and chlorogenic acid-cysteine adducts have been detected in commercial coffee-milk drinks. Thus, these adducts were synthesized and their anti-inflammatory activity was tested in lipopolysaccharide-treated RAW 264.7 cells in comparison to their parent phenolic acids.

Dr. Lund's results demonstrate that the addition of a cysteine moiety to phenolic acids enhances their anti-inflammatory responses in macrophages.

Join us in Polyphenols Applications 2023 to learn more about Dr. Lund's talk. 

Polyphenols Applications 2023 Congress
September 28-29, 2023 - Malta

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