Polyphenols Applications 2022 Accepted Poster Presentations

Quantitative Analysis of Phytoestrogens Using LC-ESI-MS/MS 
Eleni D. Myrtsi, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
Qualitative Analysis of Phytoestrogens Based on a Spectral Library Development Using LC-ESI-MS/MS
Sofia D. Koulocheri, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
Fabrication of Biocompatible Novel Collagen Scaffold Reinforced with Cannabis Sativa Bioactive Compounds for Wound Healing Applications
Ioana Cristina Marinas, University of Bucharest, Romania
Evaluation of Cytotoxic Activity of Methoxylated Flavonoids in Osteosarcoma in-vitro Models 
José Miguel P. Ferreira De Oliveira, University of Porto, Portugal
(-)-Epicatechin and the Colonic Metabolite 3,3-Dihydroxybenzoic acid Strengthen Insulin Signalling and Regulate Glucose Uptake and Lipid Accumulation in Cardiomyocytes 
Sonia Ramos, ICTAN-CSIC, Spain
Does Metformin affect Polyphenol Metabolic Fate? A Supplementation Study with Cocoa-Carob Blend in Zucker Diabetic Rats
Mª Ángeles MARTÍN, ICTAN-CSIC, Spain
Monitoring of the Zeta Potential and the Surface Charge Density of Liposomes Mimicking Microbial Membranes Upon Interaction with P-Coumaric Acid and Its Rare Metal Complexes
Monika Naumowicz, University of Bialystok, Poland
Detection of Antioxidant Polyphenols Content in Plasma and Meat Tissues of Broiler Chickens Supplemented with Vinification Byproducts
Dionysios T. Pavlopoulos, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
Total Phenolic Content, Antioxidant Activity, and Antibacterial Activity of Tunisian Thyme (Thymbra Capitata L.) Post-distilled Residues
Kheiria Hcini, University of Tunis El Manar, Tunis
Enzyme-Assisted Biotransformation of Citrus Pomace Increases the Relaxation in Isolated Arteries
Gabriela A. Macedo, Unicamp- Campinas State University, Brazil
Phenolic Content and in Vitro Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Potential of Wormwood Hydrosols
Alexandra Gaspar-Pintiliescu, National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences, Romania
Authentication of Commercial Echinacea Powdered Extracts by Means of Liquid and Gas Chromatography Methods of Analyses
Antonio Inarejos, ADM, Spain
Sulfated Phenolic Acids Are Common Plant Metabolites
Klara Supikova, Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic
Mechanisms Underlying Procyanidin B2-induced Relaxation of Human Saphenous Vein
Aleksandra Novakovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Bioaccessibility and Antioxidant Activity of Wheat Bread Enriched With Polyphenol Extracts From Clementine Peels
Noelia Rosales-Conrado, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Biotransformed Brazilian Red Grapes Residues and Its Potentially Anti-Adipogenic Phenolics
Juliana Alves Macedo, UNICAMP, Brazil
Formation of Pigments by Reaction of Chlorogenic Acid Quinone with Tryptophan
Ardemia Santarcangelo, University of Bonn, Germany
Biflavonoids and Other Phenolics Compounds From Ouratea Polygyna and Their Activities Against 3CLPRO of SARS-COV-2
Mário Geraldo De Carvalho, Federal Rural Univesity of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Antioxidative Activity of Selenium Nanoparticles Functionalized With Polyphenols From Olive Pomace Extract

Emerik Galić, J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia
Recovery of Lignins at High Antioxidant Potency From Shells of Edible Nuts by Green Extraction Procedures
Rita Argenziano, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Antioxidative Activity of Selenium Nanoparticles Coated With Pectin and Polyphenols From Olive Pomace Extract
Nikolina Golub, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Non-enzymatic Browning Reactions of Phenolic Acids – Structural Elucidation of Colorants Based on 4-Vinylcatecol
Sascha Rohn, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
 Potential of Plant Polyphenol Extracts in Pesticide Formulations Against Xylophagous Insects and Grain Pests
Jean-Paul Joseleau, ADKALIS - Groupe BERKEM, France
 ADM® Complex Tea Extract Improves Performance in Laying Hens and Reduces Mortality Rate
Rafael Salom, ADM Valencia, Spain

Unconventional Extractions of Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Activity From Defective Green Coffee
Gisele Anne Camargo, Institute of Food Technology, Brazil


Effect of Agro-industrial by-products on Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Using an in vitro Cell Model
Daniela Eliza Marin, IBNA Balotesti, Romania
A Novel Delivery System Enriched In Polyphenols Obtained By Encapsulation Of Cynara Scolymus L. Leaves Extract
Alexandra-Cristina Sevastre-Berghian, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "IULIU-HATIEGANU", Cluj -Napoca, Romania
Curcumin-derived Functionalized Thiazepanes to Selectively Target Colon Cancer Cells
Julie De Munck, Ghent University, Belgium
Polyphenol-mediated Gut Microbiota Modulation in Rats After Intake of Dietary Laurel and Myrtle Plants
Irena Landeka Jurčević, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Laurel and Myrtle Essential Oil as Modulators of Antioxidant and Atherogenic Parameters in Rat
Dyana Odeh, Faculty Of Science, University Of Zagreb, Croatia
In Vitro Gastrointestinal Biotransformation of Polyphenolic Rich Extracts and Identification of Their Metabolites: an in-house Developed Workflow
Stef Lauwers, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Modulation of Antioxidant Response in Dss-induced Oxidative Stress by Agro-industry by-products
Gina Cecilia Pistol, INCDBNA - IBNA Balotesti, Romania
Copper Removal From Water by UV-cured Natural Hydrogels Containing Tannic Acid
Rossella Sesia, IPolitecnico di Torino, Italy
Antioxidant Properties of Stress-induced Metabolites From Arabidopsis and Their Potential Applications
Jiri Gruz, Palacky University, Czech Republic
Identification of Phenolic Alkaloid Narciclasine as an in Vitro Anti-inflammatory Component of Cyrtanthus Contractus by Correlation-based Metabolomics
Lucie Rarova,Olomouc University Hospital, Czech Repubic
Polar Compounds Distinguishing Origanum Compactum and Origanum Majorana Metabolomes
Musa Kisiriko, Cranfield University, United Kingdom
Functionalized Lipid Nanoparticles With Encapsulated Antimicrobial Active Compounds
Lucia Dzurická, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Identification of Polyphenols in Samples of Nine Different Plant Species (Lavender, Immortelle, Winter Savory and 6 Types of Basil)
Monika Fumić, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia
Hydroxytyrosol-Enriched Preparation From Olive Oil Dregs
Giuseppe Squillaci, National Research Council of Italy, Italy
The Influence of Different Drying Methods on Phenolic Profile and Biological Activity of the Microalgae Chlorella Vulgaris 
Gabrijela Matijević, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia

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