Polyphenols Applications 2022 Awards

Best Scientific Award 

Juan Carlos Espín, Spanish National Research Council.

Polyphenols 2022: Where We Are Now and What’s Next

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Best Short Oral Presentation Awards

Paul Besrukow, Geisenheim University, Germany - "Grape Cane Stilbenoids as Biopesticides in Organic Viticulture"

Cornelia Schmutz, University of Vienna, Austria - "Anthocyanin-Rich Berry Extracts and Chemotherapy: A Critical Combination"

Learnmore Kambizi, Cape Peninsula University of Technology - "Pigmented Potatoes: A Potential Panacea for Food and Nutrition Security and Health?"

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Best Poster Presentation Awards

Klara SupikovaPalacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic - "Sulfated Phenolic Acids are Common Plant Metabolites"

Sandra Mariño-Cortegoso, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain - "Recovery of Bioactive Compounds From Lime and Lemon By-Products Through Sustainable Methodologies"

Katia Ruel, ADKALIS - Groupe BERKEM, France - "Plant Polyphenolic Extract From Berkem Biosolutions® for Antimicrobial Protection of Cosmetic Products"

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