ISANH Lisbon Polyphenols 2014 was a Huge Success...


After seven successful conferences held in different countries, the Eighth World Congress on Polyphenols Applications took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on June 4-6, 2014 under the auspices of the International Society for Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH), the French Society of Antioxidants (SFA), and the Japanese Society of Antioxidants (JSA).


Prof. Marvin Edeas and Prof. Andreas Schieber, Chairman of the Scientific Committee, and Prof. Luisa Bivar and Prof. Fernanda Borges, local organizer of the conference, welcomed more than 250 academics and industry representatives from 43 countries. A record of posters and communications was also held.

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CoverPagePolyph2014-2The 8th ISANH Polyphenols World Congress 2014 was a big success, especially in term of short oral & poster presentations.

More than 250 attendees, coming from 43 countries, gathered to discuss about Clinical Evidences of Polyphenols and also Innovations with Polyphenols for industries.

If you cannot attend the conference, you can order the abstracts book by clicking here.

 DSC7426Pr Elke Richling, from University of Kaiserslautern, Germany was awarded for her Scientific Contribution by ISANH Scientific Committee during the 8th International Conference on Polyphenols Applications, which was held in Lisbon on June 4 to 6.




Lisbon Polyphenols Committee awarded Milne Fruits, managed by Pr David Wyckoff, CEO during ISANH Lisbon Polyphenols 2014, the world’s largest congress on polyphenols applications, which was be held in Lisbon, on June 4 to 6, 2014. Milne Fruits was awarded for their Innovative Products.


Claus Schneider




Dr Claus Schneider, from Vanderbilt University Medical School, USA was awarded by the Scientific Committee of ISANH Polyphenols 2014.



Dr Fred Stevens, from Linus Pauling Institute and College of Pharmacy, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.A will present his recent studies about Global metabolomics for discovery of polyphenol bioactivity: unravelling broad-spectrum effects of xanthohumol in a rodent model of obesity during Lisbon Polyphenols World Congress.

Xanthohumol is a prenylated flavonoid found in hops and beer, and in dietary supplements.

The team treated Zucker fa/fa rats, a model of obesity and metabolic syndrome, for six weeks with xanthohumol at four dose levels and measured metabolome profiles in addition to single endpoints of glucose and lipid homeostasis.


ISANH Polyphenols 2014 Distinguished Speakers